30 years in the production and development of equipment and technology for CNG and LPG have enabled TA GAS TECHNOLOGY to consolidate itself as a pioneer in product quality and excellence; also providing a response to the growing market requirements.

TA Gas Technology

We are a Westport Fuel Systems group company, which designs, manufactures and supplies components and systems for alternative fuels.

In the world, we are the Argentine company with absolute leadership in vehicle conversion systems. Serving the International market in more than 26 countries through a professional, efficient and responsible network of installation shops, agents and distributors.

This excellent international positioning allowed us to consolidate ourselves as a supplier in the main OEMs in Latin America.

A satisfied user is a daily commitment for those of us who do TA.

We serve the international market through a professional, efficient and responsible network of installation shops, agents and distributors. This allows us to transmit the concept of

  • Professional service

    Specialized workforce and cutting-edge technology are the ideal combination to make each conversion a quality-assured product.

  • Certifications

    We are a company certified under ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO TS 16949. Our products have been certified according to ISO 15500, ECE-R110 / 67/10, NAG 415/17, Portaria INMETRO 170/417/257/328, COVENIN 3227 and Res. SE Nº 131 that distinguish its maximum reliability.

  • Environmental sustainability

    With CNG systems, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are reduced by 20% and particulate matter (PM10), the main cause of air pollution.

  • Repair shop Network

    We have a wide network of conversion workshops, to which constant updating and periodic technical training of knowledge about technology and advances in CNG equipment is provided; in addition to permanent post-sale attention.

Quality policy

We consider quality as a fundamental and priority value in decision-making in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, the continuous improvement of all processes and the profitability of the organization, therefore we are committed to:

  • Security & Trust

    Provide safe and reliable products and services; satisfying the established compliance requirements, exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Qualified Personnel

    Promote the development of the qualification and competence of our staff.

  • Continuous improvement

    Participate with our suppliers in the continuous improvement of their processes, which will be reflected in the products delivered.

  • Compliance & Commitment

    Comply with the directives, technical standards Local and International regulations applicable to our products in the destination markets.